My Batik Journey

Batik photo - EugenieThroughout my journey in Year 7, the most exciting and memorable part was when we were doing the batik project. It was clearly a new experience for all of us but it was worth it at the end, we were able to come up with lots of creative ideas for our batik and I was fascinated by what we achieved.

A�For this task, I created the design of a peacock, a hibiscus flower and a kamboja flower to show the beauty of Indonesia. The peacock symbolizes integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we try to show our true colours, it carries the symbolism of patience, kindness and luck. The hibiscus flower represents delicate beauty, unity and peace. The kamboja flower represents positivity.

I chose to make a small backpack for the product since it was trending at that time and it was unique. We also gained a lot of new knowledge about batik to support our activity in humanities, bahasa Indonesia and design lesson. We learned about batik generally until we were able to compare the traditional batik with the modern batik. Finally, we ended it all with the exhibition. It was fun because I got to see all of my friendsa�� products and share my product and knowledge to others. In return, they gave me suggestions on how to improve.

Personally, Ia��m glad that I got the chance to learn about batik and to create it myself. Unknowingly, we also learnt how to conserve batik whilst doing this project, which is wonderful for our heritage.

Shannon Eugenie Prasetyo (7D)

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