An Original Hip Hop Music Video

Vanessa Suteja (9D)A�

Our Hip-hop track represents victims of bullying. It talks about their lives, their struggles, and the discrimination they face, each and every day. Ita��s become a voice for them to speak out against any injustice done to them. Our song is special because it represents big life lessons and moral values, which could give a positive impact to other peoplea��s who have lost their voicea��s life.

Can a song change the world? Can a song change you? Can creating a song change you? Why?

Felicia Kartika (9D)
Creating songs can also have an impact on your life. This is because writing songs make you see things from another angle/perspective, changing the way we think. We also learn how to express ourselves better, especially on things that arena��t easy to just say.

Davina Faith Hadinyoto
Since I myself am a consumer of music, I would not be surprised to realize if I have changed my attitude because of the music I listen to. I do believe that my interest in many rock songs have given me a sense of boldness that I never had before, and that similar tastes in songs is what helps me make new friends. Creating a song on the other hand gives the writer a different look at things. When a person is the one who comes up with the messages and ideas for the song, they themselves can be much more influenced by what they want to show the world. Not to mention, by looking more into the topic of the song or creating the lyrics,A�Artists have a better understanding about that certain issue which can also change the way they perceive it.A�

Cystaleene Rebecca Queen Soegiharto (9D).
Songs that have deep meanings and can touch peoplea��s hearts to change into someone else. Someone hopefully better. Creating a song on the other hand, can change you.A� I love writing songs, just never finished them. I somehow find peace in writing it, but others might not feel the same way. To be honest ita��s all based on perspectives and preferencesA�

Anthony Wijaya (9D)
By creating this song I now know how important it is to help someone who is bullied and to help him or her and prevent him or her from doing anything stupid.Because by creating this video we can understand how the person feels from the inside.

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