Dear Parents,

Congratulations to our newest Alumni, the graduating class of 2018. The Grade 12 graduation was a stunning affair with just the right mix of formality and personal touches. It was a wonderful celebration to finish their time at Sekolah Ciputra. Despite the bitter sweet emotion of the cohort dispersing around the world, it was a moment to feel proud of them and their accomplishments. It was also clear to see that there are great things in store for them.

Similarly, our celebrations of Pancasila Day were moving occasions where pride in cultural identity was obvious. The High School and Elementary School held separate ceremonies. It was a pleasure to attend the Elementary flag raising ceremony. I was moved by the occasion and the plea for fairness and unity.

In keeping with the ceremonial theme, this week sees completion ceremonies for the Pre-Elementary, PYP 6 and MYP 10. In each of these cases the students have reached a significant milestone in their schooling careers and are transitioning from one programme to another. Life has a tendency to hurtle forward! It is therefore worthwhile to take a moment to reflect during these transition points, to thank those who have helped us on our way and to look forward to the opportunities the next challenge presents us with.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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