First things first, on behalf of the Class of 2016, I would like to give my warmest greetings to all teachers and faculty members of Sekolah Ciputra.

For those of you who do not recognise me, my name is William Parwoto Wirono and I studied in Sekolah Ciputra for 16 years. I am studying Industrial Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Having completed my first year, I have experienced quite drastic changes with the way I see my surroundings. Besides doing loads of paperwork and attending classes filled with 500 students, I have met with students from different backgrounds and worked with professors from various research fields. These experiences have allowed me to further pursue my career on my desired major and permitted me to create a huge network with people around the campus.

In the first semester of my college life, I thankfully did not face any major difficulties in adjusting academically with the materials. All of this is possible because of the effort I put into my IB Diploma when I was in Sekolah Ciputra. The IB Diploma does not only allow me to understand the college materials ahead of time, but it also lets me gain potential credits for the work that I did in high school.

The hard work that I put in to the IB Diploma was undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable moments that I had in Sekolah Ciputra. Apart from that, the friendship that I made in Sekolah Ciputra also allowed me to make contact with those in the United States.

Finally, both the academic and non-academic knowledge that I learned in Sekolah Ciputra have allowed me to be the person I am today. For students graduating this year, I would like to wish you all the best in your colleges. Do not be afraid to go wherever life may take you and never forget those who had helped you make it this far.

Lastly, dream big and dare to fail because the journey of a thousand miles begins in one step.

All the best,
William Parwoto Wirono acking

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