It’s great news to know that one of our students, Clifford Asher Irwanto (HS student) will join the World Jamboree that will be held 1 – 12 August in SaemanGeum, South Korea. A few months ago, Clifford did some preparations including being formally declared as “Anak Pramuka (Boy Scout) in Banyuwangi. 
“As boy scouts, we try to make everything useful. We can make a lot of things using astick, it can be used as a hanger to dry our clothes, we can also make “menara kaki tiga (three-legged tower)” that is very useful. At Banyuwangi, I’ve learned a lot of new skills. I was also declared as anak pramuka (Boy Scout) at a beach. Some of the skills that I learned there are making tali temali (rigging), hiking, tracking, using a compass, making a map of alas purwo, cooking, measuring the depth of a lake, measuring the height of a thing (trees) with a formula and the tri satya pramuka. I feel happy and proud being able to learn more about nature and morals. With this, I will also be representing Indonesia at the World Jamboree. This is a great opportunity for the younger generation to respect our country and be grateful for every chance you get to do something good. It also helps to establish patriotism in each and every one of us.”

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