CAS Project

This fundraising idea was decided about two months ago. Extending a service from 11-6, now it’s our turn, 11-9 to do the same thing. As a part of being human, we see it necessary to help those around us in any way possible especially during these tough times.

With the IDR 16.000.000,- we collected from you and your parents, we were able to purchase 250 bags of sembako and 1200 pcs masks.

Since our country is still in social distancing, and after discussion with Miss Gramelia, our CAS Coordinator, we decided not to distribute these packages directly. To minimize physical contact, we dropped the packages to two social organizations that we trust. This was done on Monday, 22 June 2020.

During the process, Reagan and I, alongside the help of Pak Diko, went to school to help assemble the bags/ sembako before giving it out to the people. When carrying the sembako from the car, it was really heavy and tiring as it actually needed to be done by 5 or more people, but thankfully we got help from the seller. We also needed to put the masks inside each bag so that it will be divided among the people equally.

We have worked well with Garda Pangan, they have distributed our packages to the poor in Krembangan, Surabaya on Saturday, 27 June 2020 noon.

And the other one is Jalasenastri Organization from Yonif 3 Marinir, they will distribute  our packages to fishermen in Kalanganyar, Sidoarjo on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 morning. Miss Gramelia represents us to enable us to distribute our packages.

After the activity, I realized how much Reagan and I have worked to finalize this COVID-19 donation in just 2 months. I feel really committed in doing this social work even though it may seem like a class activity, only two of us worked through until the distribution day. This experience gives me an opportunity to work with people who I don’t normally work with and it gives me a proper experience of the real world. Through this, I could reflect so much about the life I have been living, how it differs to those people who are not as lucky as I am. This is the most memorable activity in my life.


Tifanny Grace Santoso

Grade 12 DP


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