Duta Pariwisata was such a great experience for me. I have lived in Indonesia since I was born, which means I have the spirit of Nationalism inside me. That is why without any doubt, I took the opportunity to join Duta Pariwisata Hotel and Tourism Business 2024. I tried to finish my school tasks as soon as possible so that I could focus more on the competition.

I had experiences with those kind of competitions, hence I was not as nervous as the others. I did my best every single time. I practiced and practiced for the talent show and speech. The speech was in Indonesian, which was quite challenging for me, since I am not that used to Indonesian speeches.

The Grand Final was held on 14th January 2023, I was really nervous about the speech. My parents, friends, teachers and relatives came to support me, which made me feel better and more confident. I did my best and prayed for the best. Thank God, I got the opportunity to win Duta Pariwisata Ms Sparkling 2024. It was such an unforgettable experience and I am proud of my new achievement. Thank you so much, especially Sekolah Ciputra for supporting me and the other students!

(Angeline Virginia Wong, Grade 10) Ms. Sparkling Indonesia (Winner of Duta Pariwisata Indonesia)

For the past month, I prepared my experiences and understanding about Indonesian culture and the world of tourism. And it all finally led up to the past week. I spent countless hours practicing for Duta Pariwisata, and I would have hated to watch it go down the drain. So during the first day of Duta Pariwisata I was really nervous for the interview, but the interview went really well with me having a really enjoyable conversation with the interviewer. On day 2 I also was quite nervous about the talent show since I had never presented my karate talent in front of an audience outside the world of karate, but again I felt that I was being pessimistic, and it turns out I left  a good impression on the judges. Day 3 was the day that we would get to know if we passed the grand finals or not. But since I was very pessimistic I was quite confident I wouldn’t make it. But quite the opposite happened, so for the rest of the day, I felt quite happy.

During the days leading up to the grand finals, I felt like I had a great burden to study all about Duta Pariwisata, and it finally paid off when I made it to the 3 finalists. And finally made it to win Duta Pariwisata Mr Sparkling 2024. Throughout the event from day 1 to the finals, I have shown the best version of myself, and it felt pretty great!

(Ignaz Aryaguna Somawiharja, Grade 10)  Mr. Sparkling Indonesia (Winner of Duta Pariwisata Indonesia)

Embarking on my journey with Duta Pariwisata Hotel & Tourism Business was initially quite nerve-wracking, especially considering that it was my first time joining this type of competition. Seeing new faces in the competition made me even more nervous as well. Though the atmosphere there was incredibly positive and welcoming. The participants, committees, and also the judges were not only lively but also remarkably supportive and kind-hearted which really relieved me. And because of that I was able to enjoy myself throughout the competition as well. It really was a great experience and a great opportunity for me to grow.
(Claudia Maheli, Grade 10) Best Talent Duta Pariwisata Indonesia

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