My name is Matthew Go. I am a PYP 6C student at Sekolah Ciputra and I will be explaining about the Challenge Carnival Carnival.

On 21 March,A�Sekolah Ciputra held a new event called Challenge Carnival Carnival. In the event we played lots of challenging games. There was Point Ball, Giant Ball, Wheel Relay, Rob the Nest, and other challenging and fun games. I think Challenge Carnival Carnivala��s are fun because you can be cooperative and improve your accuracy, strength and communication skills. This event is played by Grade 1 to Grade 6. We wear our House T-shirt; there are blue, red, yellow, and green. Each team has a captain. In the final round, the teachers chose 2 students from each House and from each grade. We had to try and complete the obstacle to see who would win the challenge.

The winner of the Challenge Carnival Carnival was the Blue House! Me and my team members WON!! I hope next year, Sekolah Ciputra will participate in the Challenge Carnival Carnival again.

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