Entrepreneurship in PYP4

During How We Organise Ourselves unit, PYP 4 explores the learning with entrepreneurship as its guiding concept. This aligned with the school vision and mission which is to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship. This year we try to use the framework of design thinking to answer students’ inquiries. Starting from the beginning of the unit students are challenged to identify problems happening around them. From their experience in empathising the situation and condition or even from their personal experience students then they can find opportunities as their core ideas that they can develop in order to answer the challenge. Then from these three stages they continue their exploration by developing their design, making prototypes of their ideas and testing their ideas to find out the market demand. 

Having this design thinking framework also allows the students to expand their ideas not only into products but they can also come up with services and actions. That also extends their current understanding that entrepreneurship today can be extended into artpreneur, sociopreneur, ecopreneur or even technopreneur. This can also answer the 21 century challenge that a businessman or businesswoman is not only the person who can run his or her own business but can be someone that is having multiple intelligences in art, someone who is really passionate in saving the planet and think about sustainability, someone who can help to answer social problems or even someone who thinks about technological advances. 

It was so fun, engaging yet challenging for all the students. This year we proudly presented the first digital Kidpreneur where the students can share their findings with the whole school community through  https://flipgrid.com/bbac93f9 This unit also prepares the students to become “The Agent of Change” in the future.

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