Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEW 2020 at Sekolah Ciputra was a great success! After a week of in-class activities in which students learned about social entrepreneurship and how ideas could be developed, they were then treated to two guest speakers.  The speakers were from Luminocean and ManaEarth, which are both social enterprises located in Indonesia.  Marieke and Tomo enlightened the students about how sustainability and community appreciation is shaping the future of business. 
Student reflections on GEW:    
“I learned that there are many ways to make social enterprises and I also learned about how meaningful social enterprises are because they are eco-friendly” 
“From the speakers, I learnt that if you have a good purpose and a clear goal try and go for it!”
“From this week’s activities, it was actually the first time I’ve ever heard of social enterprises!” 
“Entrepreneurship helps us to think critically and creatively, cooperate with others and organised.”
“This week is important as it celebrates all the hard working entrepreneurs and everyone who has worked so hard to accomplish their dreams or goals.”
“This week can help students and probably even teachers become inspired to start their own social enterprise or business.” 
Next year some of the students would like to visit a social enterprise for GEW or they would like to play some games associated with entrepreneurship!  
Reuben Drake

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