Fabulous Diploma Results

Congratulations to our recently graduated IB Diploma Students whose results were released recently. Once again we saw the results of a great programme of teaching and learning. This year’s cohort was our biggest ever yet and our pass rate at 94% was also our highest ever! What was also very pleasing was that our average grade at 31 held up with results from the previous two years.

I would like to single out the achievements of Amanda Bella Tanady and Veronica Bella Arifin in gaining an aggregate 40 points each. This is a world class effort. Only a very small percentage of students in the world get 40. In fact in the 16 years the school has run the IB Diploma we have only had 10 students gain 40 or more (8 in the past three years!). Congratulations to them both and all our students who worked so hard. The results of all this hard work are the amazing university acceptances our students received. Results like this highlight the great job the teachers are doing in getting the best from their students.

I look forward to similar progress this academic year and wish our latest Alumni all the very best in the next step in their journey.

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