Global Kindness Summit

Inspired By Kindness

By Hillary Faye Sasongko, PYP6

On 9th December 2021,  nearly 100 students from different countries around the world came together in a live zoom meeting to share their speeches and perspective about kindness. This event was called the “Children Global Summit 3”. 

Students from each school representing a country volunteered and participated in this event. They created their own inspirational speeches. In this event there were children from different continents and countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, the Bahamas, Singapore, and Peru. The speeches were motivational and touching. 

From this event I learned that kindness is a way to be generous without expecting anything in return. One of the students said “Little steps, big impact”, which is why I believe that by showing little bits of kindness, maybe, just maybe, we can spread kindness all around the world. 

Thank you to all the teachers, students, and schools who have participated in this event. Thank you for sharing your speeches of kindness. 

Note: Hillary is one of the ten PYP6 students who took part in the Global Summit 3 – How kindness can change the world. They all wrote beautiful and inspirational speeches and delivered them passionately. Well done and thank you to Michelle Tirto, Carissa Binuka, Kayla Puspa, Kenzo Owen, Miguel Vallister, Kayla Wijaya, Hillary Sasongko, Jessica Santoso, Enzo Christian, and Queency Socahyo. 

Bianca Starck, PYP6 teacher

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