Kidpreneur Sharing Business Plan

We had a Kidpreneur Sharing Business Plan event last week. I was the group leader and had to lead my group to present to parents and students. The entire Grade 4 had to do it. We had to present our products, and business plans.

We presented our business plans and products from 8:00 to 10:30. We presented to our parents, Grade 3, and lastly Grade 5. Some groups did their presentations in their classroom, while other groups presented in the hallways. It was very noisy! The purpose of sharing/presenting was for parents, Grade 3, and Grade 5 students to know how we had planned the business we will be doing. The reasons why Grade 3 and 5 are the only grades who listened to our presentations were because Grade 3 is going to do this next year, and Grade 5 was reflecting on how they did it last year compared to this year.

We used our laptops, business plans and our products to help us with the presentation. Each member of  our group had to present a part. When we presented to other grades, we changed our responsibilities. For example when I was presenting to our parents, I explained about our products and USPs (Unique Selling Points). Then when I was presenting to Grade 3, I explained the PPT (Power Point). After that, I presented to Grade 5, I explained the research market, graph, and budget report.

During this experience I felt very accomplished that we could do this presentation well, and it ran smoothly. Now I know what we have to go through to run a business. After all of this, I have learnt how to make a graph, budget reports, and manage a business. My suggestions would be to sell food again, and we needed more time to present to Grade 3 and 5. I also suggest that other grades could also have a chance to listen to our presentations.


Bianca Madeleine Dinoto 4B

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