Congratulations to Aquilla Asher. She received a 100% scholarship to take part in the Medicine Summer Programme in Queens’ College in Cambridge. She is recognized as the highest caliber of entries this year.

“The essay I made was a medical essay, about whether or not vaccines should be mandatory. The summer programme will be held at Queens’ College in Cambridge. I’ll be taking the medicine course for the summer programme, the program will start from 7th of August and end on 20th of August. The competition was arranged by the immerse education; I think there were thousands of entries from students attending leading schools all over the world that joined the competition. But I can say that In the competition process we were told to create a short essay on the subject that we picked, and about 10 winners were able to receive a 100% scholarship for the course subject that they picked. The classes there are very nice, as the medicine class that I was in has a lot of practicals in it. We did some blood testing, glucose level experiment, sutures, and many more. During my stay there, the environment and the people were very nice. The first week was very tiring as there’s a lot of people gathering around. I couln’t wait to be friends with everyone and we’re just getting used to our environment. But in the second week, everything went by very fast. As people are more used to the environment and have known many people after gathering in many events every single day as different groups. On the final day we also had a personal project, which is where you need to do a presentation on a disease that most interests you. I believe that I have done it very well and improved a lot, due to the many presentations that I have done so far in Sekolah Ciputra.

Aquilla Asher – Grade 11 DP

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