It’s the Final Stretch!

The Semester break is over and the Chinese New Year has begun. Now it is time to knuckle down and start the final push to exams and graduation (which is Monday, 27th May). All of our students have been working hard to complete Internal Assessments, External Assessments, Extended Essays and CAS activities and now they have to prepare for


For the IBDP these exams are held from 11th to 22nd February and for SBDP from 18th to 19th February. The purpose of mock exams is to get students prepared for the real exams in relation to behaviour expectations, what the exams look like and how difficult they are, which indicates how much study they need to do before the real exams. IBDP mock exams form the basis of their Predicted Grades and for SBDP students the result of the mock exam will be counted as one of the summative assessments.

Some important things to think about concerning exam periods that both students and parents can help with are:

  • Students need a good night’s sleep before an exam, cramming all night will make them too tired to write good answers.
  • Students should share their exam timetable with their parents so everyone knows when the exams are and all arrangements can be made beforehand – transportation, exam stationery, clear plastic water bottle, a good healthy breakfast.
  • Students should have everything they need ready in the evening before the exam – check your calculator is charged, have your stationary in a clear plastic bag, pack your bag and get your uniform ready.
  • Have an exam buddy who calls you in the morning and checks you have remembered the exam and can get to school on time. We all need help from time to time.
Mr Ail and Mr Simon the SBDP and IBDP Programme Coordinators wish you all the very best of luck in your mock exams but hope that luck will have nothing to do with it as you will be so well prepared that exams will be a breeze.

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