News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

As we begin our second week of online learning I wanted to share some of the lessons from the first week. The switch to fully online has been a massive one for everyone involved. We are just very pleased that we had put plans in place before hand so that we were ready for the first day.  There has been constant feedback between parents, students, administration and teachers as we look to streamline and improve the online experience. The most difficult part to replicate is the face-to face, one-to one feedback that students enjoy in class. We are incredibly grateful for the effort everyone is making.

The message given by video last week remains the same. We do not want to create more stress in what is already a stressful time. The work is being made available by teachers, and students are strongly encouraged to do their best and to be independent learners. Every piece of work does not suit every learner and should not cause stress. Similarly, the message is also to try and enjoy the situation we find ourselves in. Being kind and of generous spirit will help raise your own spirits. Right now we have the opportunity to demonstrate a key part of our school vision, resilience in the face of a changing global society.

We wish you all the best for the week and hope that your spirits remain high and that you seize the many opportunities that this period of time gives us.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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