Youths as Agents for Change

We live in a world where everything changes. The Earth is constantly altering, and nature will soon be unable to restore the damages we, as humans have inflicted upon our ecosystem and climate. Everyone has heard of “climate change,” but how many people are actually doing something about it? For instance, the recent COP 26 conference which consisted of many environmental activists, government officials, and leaders of change, reiterated the 2015 Paris Agreement in order to ensure that nations kept their emissions to no more than 2 degree celsius with an aim of keeping it to 1.5 degree celsius. Aside from this, the Glasgow Climate Pact was also implemented with the aim of reducing the consumption of coal. These are all examples of how the government has tried to intervene within this global issue in hopes of trying to solve climate change on a national and international scale, but what can we, as youths do?

In my video “I Fear” I explicitly mentioned how we, as youths of this generation are responsible for repairing the damages caused by past generations, that we fear our opinions won’t matter under the supervision of corrupt governments as well as the fact that time is running out fast, and if we don’t make a move, our climate crisis will soon be irreversible. Fortunately, I managed to learn a lot from this competition. Not only was I able to familiarize myself with the impact of youths on global issues, but I also learned how to convey a complicated and widely debated topic in under 1 minute. Change does not mean that we must have the authority to enact legislation; it might simply signify that we contribute to the betterment of society and the environment. Thus, I’m beyond grateful to have received the Secondary Category Special Recognition Award and would like to thank everyone who aided me throughout my journey!  

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Wenny Wibisono – 11DP

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