News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,
We have discussed innovation and resilience previously. Resilient people and organisations can acknowledge difficult situations and then seek to get the best from them. This is exactly what we are seeing evidence of in the school.  The online school assemblies, the planning for the student body elections, Ciputra’s Got Talent, online parent/teacher conferences and our graduation ceremonies are all examples of the school community working together to come up with solutions for the difficult situation we are in. This is also obvious in the many wonderful learning interactions that are taking place across the school. Innovation arises both from having a need and from having the skill set to fulfil that need. The type of entrepreneurial thinking we encourage and practice within the school has certainly supported the explosion of innovation that we are witnessing. We believe that many of the innovations we have witnessed will continue on long after the school is opened and we are all incredibly grateful that we have such a supportive, talented and creative school community.
Have a great week.
Martin Blackburn