News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

This week sees the culmination of six years of schoolwork for our 2022 Grade 6 cohort. They will celebrate the completion of their PYP Exhibition. This year the exhibition differs from previous ones. Firstly, due to the pandemic, the format will be virtual. Having previewed the set, I’m sure you will be amazed at the format and style of this virtual exhibition. The second significant difference is the fact that the presentation is aligned to the UN sustainable development goals. This adds a significant international perspective to the exhibition as well as emphasising the importance of sustainability. What is really evident with this cohort, is that despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic the students can demonstrate mastery of many of the IBO approaches to learning and are able to demonstrate all the learner profile attributes. We look forward to their presentation to other schools on Wednesday and to our community on Friday. Congratulations to them and their teachers for such a wonderful exhibition.

The last 10 days has seen a significant drop in the daily number of infections in Surabaya from its peak on 17th February and this has been matched here in the school. Daily cases in Surabaya are now less than a third of what they were. We look forward to a continuation of this trend and for students to re-join us at school soon.

Have a great week.


Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal