Year 12a��s a�?Good Luck for your Exams!a�? Gathering, April 4, 2018

With exams coming up, a small assembly was hosted in Ciputra Hall during YLP time to give more good wishes and prayers for each of the exam takers, whether ita��s for the National Exams or IB Exams.

After the assembly, all of Sekolah Ciputraa��s Year 12 students attended a small party hosted by the Year 12 teachers. A lot of delicious food and beverages were served for the students, studentsa�� spirits and energy were raised and a great deal of luck was wished for their upcoming exams!

For the past few months, Year 12 studentsa�� schedules have been packed with a lot of preparation, tests and exams. A�The School Based Diploma Programme (SBDP) Science and Humanities students just took their School exams on 19 a�� 23 March and are preparing for the upcoming Ujian Nasional (UN) this April 9 a�� 12. Meanwhile, the Diploma Programme (DP) students are preparing for both their UN, as well as their IB Exams that will start on April 27. All of the Year 12 students are stepping up a gear in order to prepare for these exams and theya��ve been putting in a lot of effort to achieve all their goals. Now they are on the final stretch!

As a representative of the Year 12 and teachersa�� community, we wish the best of luck for all of the Year 12 students! Do your best and aim for the best results!

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