Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Service plays a critical role in our school. It is fabulous to see the many ways in which our school community helps those less fortunate than ourselves. We are lucky to have such active student representatives in StuCo and OSIS. They are involved with many types of events to raise funds and support charities. Last week StuCo donated a large quantity of essential supplies to a school for street kids and they have stockpiled items to be delivered to a range of charities over the next few weeks. OSIS is similarly focused.

Of course the leadership of our Parent Support Group (PSG), provides us with a fantastic example. We are so appreciative with the many generous donations to the Baksos Sembako Murah and Garage Sale. We have received an outstanding Rp. 122 million and this will be used to purchase 1400 packages of sembako. Sembako will be distributed to the needy on Saturday, 7th December, from 8:00 am. All parents are invited to join us. Student representatives and staff will be participating too. We are still accepting Garage Sale items, i.e. household items, books, toys and clothing in good condition. These will be accepted until 22nd November. All profits from the Garage Sale will also go to charity. Thank you everyone. Your actions indicate that our vision as a school goes well beyond the school gate and into the hearts and minds of our community.

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

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