News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

The good news is that the Senior High School (SMA) has been given full permission to operate hybrid learning. The not so good news is that the maximum allowable face to face time means that there is a two-hour limit at school. We have been told that this is a temporary phase that we will move out of soon. We are also able to continue with simulations in the Junior High School (SMP). This week Grade 9 will come in and next week will be Grade 7. It will mean that by the end of the term every High School student will have had the opportunity of experiencing some face-to-face learning. Please remember that we strongly urge you only to send you child to school if he or she has been vaccinated. Apart from Grade 6, the Elementary and Pre-Elementary are not able to currently run a simulation. We have been checked and given the green light by the city level taskforce and are just waiting for permission to open.

360-degree appraisal is an exciting new feature of our teacher appraisal system. All students have been given the opportunity of giving anonymous feedback to their teachers about strategies in the classroom that work effectively. This will provide valuable information for teachers on ways of ensuring that students are well engaged in the learning process.

This Friday the High School have a virtual coffee afternoon which is an opportunity for parents to interact with school management and support staff. These types of interactions are critical in maintaining positive lines of communication and engagement as a community. 

Finally, we are looking forward to the Hari Batik celebrations in the PYP which is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our pride in our cultural heritage.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal