OSIS Spirit Week

With Indonesia’s Independence Day approaching, the Student Council (OSIS) held “Spirit Week” to ignite students’ patriotic energy.  Every day, from Monday to Thursday, students were allowed to come to school with a customised outfit. For each day there was a different dress code that represented a part of the Indonesian struggle for independence. 

The week commenced with black dress code in commemoration of our late heroes and their effort in fighting for a sovereign state. The following two days, the dress code for students was red and white, which are the two colours of the Indonesian flag. Red symbolises strength and power, while white embodies purity. For the last day of “Spirit Week”, students were given the opportunity to dress up as our national heroes in honour of those who risked their lives for the sake of our country It was an incredibly enlightening occasion as we got to celebrate our national heritage.

Marcella Carla Arifin – 11 DP

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