PHE Class

During the pandemic and online learning the PHE department has created tasks by combining theory and  practical exercises at home. The teaching and learning process includes 30 minutes of exercise to music. Before  and after we do the workout, we will also record the heart rate of all students. Class activities continue by  discussing:  

  1. What is a normal heart rate?  
  2. What is your maximum heart rate?
  3. Why does the heart rate increase during workouts or exercise?  
  4. How does exercise increase your heart rate?

In these activities, students are expected to be able to actively discuss with other students and teachers.  

We are still trying to keep students active and moving during online learning, so that students can keep their  immune system stable. Physical activity also can reduce stress and boredom of students while undergoing  online learning.  

Students have been set a project where they are required to create plans for workouts at home according to their  needs and the equipment they have access to at home. Students must record their workout and submit to  ManageBac. For example:  

➔ Grade 8 students create plans and record aerobics for beginners.  

➔ Grade 9 students create plans and record workout with music at home.  

➔ Grade 10 students create plans and record a cultural dance performance.  

➔ Grade 12 students create plans and record a workout at home during the pandemic.  

Students are not allowed to record their workout at an actual gym or fitness centre. It must be done at  home. This project covers Criterion A: Knowing and understanding, Criterion B: Planning for for performing,  Criterion C: Applying and performing, and also Criterion D: Reflecting and improving performing.  

Thank you to all Sekolah Ciputra students.  

Keep Active, Keep Safe and Keep Healthy.

Mr. Dedy Sulistyo  – Head of PHE 

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