PYP 1 Pets’ Day Out

PYP1 students are studying the process of change in living things. A�Students have classified living things into animals and plants.

All classes have a diverse range of plants in their rooms and each day students make scientific observations, recording the growth and other changes they can see.

Animals are more difficult to study in the classroom but students are housing hermit crabs, tadpoles and are patiently waiting for a butterfly to hatch!

A mini zoo was organised on Tuesday, 7th February on the grassed area where parents and students brought a great range of animals to create our Petsa�� Day Out.

This allowed students to observe different types of animals and record the characteristics of these animals. Students were fortunate enough to view different birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, gecko, turtles, fish, hamsters and even a sugar glider. The pet owners were able to share many interesting facts about the animals.

The students were grateful parents were able to participate and support their learning in this fun way.

Check out the gallery for more photos of Pets’ Day Out.

Pets' Day Out 3 - Copy Pets' Day Out 7 - Copy

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