SC Decathlon 2022

Hi Eagles!

The Sekolah Ciputra Decathlon (SCD) 2022 has officially come to an end. As representatives of the OSIS Team, we would like to say our deepest thank you to everyone who has participated and supported the SCD 2022. This was an event hosted and presented by OSIS that was well prepared from late 2021. At the end of the registration period, we were able to get participants from across the country from various schools and grades. This academic event consists of ranging categories of competitions from English Essay Competition, English Video Speech Competition, English Debate Competition, to the Subject Olympiads which consist of 3 subjects: English, Science and Civics.

Once the registration period came to an end, the committee held 4 technical meetings, 1 for each category of competition. The technical meeting was conducted to prepare the participants to understand the competition rules based on the category they participated in. On April 1st, the opening ceremony was held and hosted by Michael Sean and Anastasia Lilananda from OSIS’ Public Relations Department. The purpose of this opening ceremony is to greet the participants with a formal introduction and indicate that the SCD has officially begun. During the opening ceremony, we invited Mr. Markus and Jefferson Tanto to give a speech and wish all participants the best of luck. We also witnessed several spectacular performances from participants and committee members. As this competition was sponsored by several companies–Royal Senyiur Hotel, Rumah Sakit Orthopedi dan Traumatologi Surabaya, and Universal Education–we would like to thank all 3 sponsors for their support throughout the competition.

This is an image of the SCD 2022 Opening Ceremony that was hosted by Michael Sean Gunawan & Anastasia Lilananda on April 1st 2022.

During the technical meetings, participants joining the competition category of English Video Speech Competition and English Essay Competition were given their possible topics to write and speak about, therefore they were able to start right away on their competition. But the first competition category that the OSIS Team had initiated is the Subject Olympiad category both for SMP and SMA students. On April the 2nd, the Subject Olympiads were initiated via Zoom, using a proctoring system called Quillgo where participants would turn on their cameras and proceed on working their Olympiad questions. The Subject Olympiads started from the subject of English followed by Civics and Science. All participants had one hour to complete the Subject Olympiad questions. The Subject Olympiad ultimately allows students to showcase their knowledge by answering questions that were professionally prepared by teachers who master the subjects selected by the SCD committee.

This is an image of the Subject Olympiad competition situation that was conducted through Zoom and using the Quillgo system. All 3 subjects of the competition were conducted on the same day (April 2nd 2022).

The next competition that was conducted by the SCD committee was the English Debate Competition that was held from April 5th-8th 2022. There were 3 rounds–the qualifying round, semi-finals, and the final round. The qualifying round and semi finals were conducted through Google Meet while the final round was conducted through Zoom. The English Debate Competition enables students to improve their public speaking, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. As each debate team contains 3 students, collaboration is a key factor in discussing to come up with the best rebuttal to argue with the opposing team.

This is an image of the SMP and SMA English Debate Competition Final Round that was hosted on the 8th of April 2022 where we have special adjudicators from Mr. Terry, Mr. Martin and Ms. Christine.

And last, but definitely not least, the English Essay Competition and the English Video Speech Competition. The submission form for the English Essay Competition closed on the 8th of April 2022, where the submitted essays were marked based on a proposed criteria that was introduced during the technical meeting. The essays were professionally marked by selected judges, specifically selected by the SCD committee. This competition aims to improve students’ skills in academic writing and research under the values of maintaining the students’ academic integrity. The submission form for the English Video Speech, however, closed earlier (April 4th 2022). The video speeches were shared with selected judges and similar to the English Essay Competition, they were marked based on a proposed criteria that was introduced during the technical meeting. After all of the video speeches have been marked, the SCD committee selected the top 5 from both SMP and SMA category and posted the top 5 videos with the highest marks. All 10 videos (5 from SMP and 5 from SMA) can be found in our official YouTube Channel “Sekolah Ciputra OSIS”. From this, the top 5 videos from each SMP and SMA went through a voting system (ie. YouTube Likes). The more Likes the video has, the higher chances that the video will be the winner. Voting was officially closed on April 18th where OSIS’ Multimedia Team captured the final Likes for each video and determined the winner of the English Video Speech Competition.

This is an image of some participants who participated in the English Video Speech Competition. From the SMP category, Sekolah Ciputra has one video that made it to the top 5 of the English Video Speech Competition. Congratulations to Abigail Zoe Wang for making it to the top 5 of the English Video Speech Competition.

After all 4 competitions were conducted, the final closing ceremony was held on April 22nd 2022 where we announced the winners of all competitions. The OSIS team would like to once again congratulate the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who has made this year’s Sekolah Ciputra Decathlon a blast! Without your support, we would never be able to run this competition.

“Being successful isn’t always about winning. Sometimes it’s about proving to yourself that you can reach your personal target and learn from your past mistakes.”

Thank you and best of luck in future events that will be presented by Sekolah Ciputra OSIS!

This article was written by the OSIS Public Relations Team (Michael Sean Gunawan 11DP, Felice Agnes 10C, Yumiko Gisselle Suryadi 11DP & Zidane Julio Junior 11UDP, Anastasia Lilananda 8C & Bianca Purwadi 10B), Edited by the OSIS Team (Nadya Suryo Soetomo 11DP) & Supervised by Jefferson Tanto 11DP & Mr. Rizal Rakhmat Dwianto.

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