Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

I cannot express enough how wonderful the Sembako Murah was on Saturday. Apart from the positive impact this has on the the local workers in CitraLand, it also provided an opportunity to come together as a community. We have always stressed the importance of community projects and Saturday absolutely exemplified this. The Parent Support Group (PSG) has been working on this event for months. Their planning was meticulous, again demonstrating the care and consideration that goes into these projects. It would not have been possible without their organisation and the many, many donations from parents, students and staff. It was fantastic to see over 65 students volunteering their time to help. They were focussed and hard-working throughout. Many staff also attended and gave invaluable support. It is fabulous to see such close cooperation and focus in helping make our wider community a better place.

This is my last message before the Christmas Break. I wish you all a safe, happy and blessed time and a Happy New Year.

Martin Blackburn

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