SCMUN 2022: “A World Fractured”

The 23rd-24th of April marked the 6th annual Sekolah Ciputra Model United Nations! Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are simulations of United Nations (UN) committees in which students play the role of UN representatives, allowing them to become better acquainted with issues of global significance and develop research, public speaking, networking, leadership and diplomatic skills. This year, the theme was “A World Fractured” – three councils were formulated in the hope of solving the problems faced within a world fractured by the pandemic. The councils and topics were as followed:

  1. ECOFIN: Combating Economic Recession and Financial Struggles Post Pandemic
  2. ECOSOC: Cotton Subsidy in the United States crashing the World Economy
  3. UNWTO: Solving travel ban restrictions and the impact it has had on the travel industry

This SCMUN redefined the atmosphere of traditional MUN debates. Whilst all MUNs encourage collaboration and teamwork, traditional MUNs reward individualism and give awards to those who dominate the council instead of supporting it. This SCMUN redefined the system by awarding Best Delegate to those who help others and give their peers who are new a chance and a voice.

As the Secretary Generals of this conference, we were beyond proud to see the progress made by the delegates over the course of two days. From building fruitful debates to writing effective resolution papers, the issue at hand was discussed with great depth and detail. Resolutions were passed, amendments were made, motions were proposed and delegates developed their public speaking, diplomacy and cooperation skills all throughout the debate.

We have the utmost gratitude to all the people that supported us along the way, including the chairs and all the volunteers for making this MUN possible by doing a lot of the work behind the scenes and moderating the councils and helping to give direction to the councils. 

Written by: Wenny Wibisono, Nasya Lilananda, Qimiwa Njoto, Sean Colin Chung 

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