News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, teachers and staff,

The school is a hive of activity. We have had Bulan Bahasa assemblies in both High School and Elementary. The weekend brings sporting events for many students competing in the 7-a-side football tournament at SES and the futsal competition. The baksos organised by the PSG with the help of the wider school community to help needy families will be held at the school on Saturday, 11th from 9:00 am, as well as our first round of enrolment testing as prospective new students strive to achieve the grades which will allow them to enter the school. Elementary school have two field trips this week and PYP 2 have their assembly on Friday. We have a school visiting from Jakarta and the Elementary Science Marathon is running all this week. The Jawa Pos Zetizen Convention also opens on Friday evening and we wish them luck for another successful year. We are celebrating Spirit Week in the High School and at the same time improving our entrepreneurship skills with an inter-house enterprise competition. We have also enjoyed the lunch time music from our talented students. As I say, plenty going on at the school.

The Year 12 students need to submit their Extended Essays this week. These are 4,000 word essays of painstakingly researched papers which are eight months in the making. This, and all the other events, tournaments and community projects is only part of the experiences students have in our school. We want them to be busy and well-rounded and capable of taking on any challenge. We challenge our students in body and mind, to build resilience and capacity. Our vision talks about our students possessing the, skills, integrity and resilience to participate in a changing global society. This week will certainly add to student capacity.

Continue to encourage your children to participate in the many school activities, but at the same time realise that the school has plenty of support for those who do feel overwhelmed or under pressure.

All the very best of luck to all the different school groups who are contributing so much.

Martin Blackburn

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