STUCO Charity Event 2019

For the last STUCO event this school year, STUCO presented their annual Charity Week, which was a continuation of our school’s fundraising activities like the Chinese New Year (CNY) event and the Art Festival in PYP.

The event was held on Monday, 29th of April and went through to Thursday, 2nd of May. During the Charity Week, the STUCO officers organised various activities for the school community to participate in: Fun Games: Sponge Throw, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Moving Island, Bottle & Ball Race and Tornado tag. Each game cost Rp. 5000,00 (five thousand Rupiah). We also opened stalls for food and drinks. All of the students, many teachers, staff and parents were really excited to participate in all activities. Although it was a busy week for STUCO officers, it was an amazing experience for us to plan and to arrange this event. We raised Rp 6,121,300 from the charity event stalls and games. Together, with the school fundraising during CNY event, we’ve raised Rp 15,830,300 in total.

We gave our donations to an orphanage on Tuesday, 14th of May.  We went to Penampungan Jompo, Yatim Piatu, anak cacat dan orang terlantar Yayasan Cinta Kasih Bunda Teresa Jl. Beringin no 5 Sambikerep. We have had a very tight schedule but we plan to go again and to other orphanages in Semester 1 in the next academic year.

This event was an example of students at Sekolah Ciputra taking action and helping other children in need. From kids to kids. We are very  happy when a small thing we do makes them smile so much. It is very humbling and makes us appreciate how fortunate we are.

We thank all parents, teachers, staff and students who made this event a great success.

Kind regards,

STUCO 2018/2019

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