Fabulous Diploma Results

Congratulations to our recently graduated IB Diploma Students whose results were released yesterday. I am pleased and proud to announce a continuation of the academic improvement of recent years with the announcement of our best ever results.

We had our biggest ever cohort sitting. In fact the cohort of 38 students who sat were 36% bigger than the previous largest group. We improved on last year with a 90% pass rate. With an increased cohort size this is a commendable outcome.A�Our average score was up to an excellent 33.5. (The world average this year was 29.95). Finally four students gained grades of 40 or more with a top grade of 42.A�This represents the biggest number of 40 grades in the schoola��s history and the highest ever individual grade. (There will be a separate profile on these students)A� I am delighted with the progress this represents.

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