TIMO is an annual International Mathematical Olympiad competition hosted by Hong Kong and Thailand.

There are 2 rounds for this competition, the heat rounds and the final round. You need to get one of either Bronze, Silver or Gold medals to advance on to the final round. The mathematics questions are unlike anything I have seen before, one of the questions I remember the most was; Find the probability of 3 out of 50 students having exactly the same score on a 150 question test. The ways to solve these questions are also very unique. It was challenging, but overall I really enjoy the experience of learning new ways to use mathematics.

Trevor Juliann Limbunan Tansil – Grade 12DP

Congratulations to Trevor Juliann Limbunan Tansil (Grade 12DP) for achieving Bronze Award in Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Heat Round 2021-2022 for the Senior Secondary Group!

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