Stevanus Lie

Graduation year: 2014

Where did you go to university? What are you/did you study?

The University of Melbourne. I have completed a Bachelor of Science (animal science specialisation). Now I’m doing my Master of Agricultural Sciences (animal science specialisation)

What was the biggest challenge of moving to a new city/country?

Memories. Especially memories of my last few months with my closest friends in high school. I found working my way through these memories quite difficult when I first came to Melbourne. These memories are of course really sweet, but when you first move to a new city, thinking about these can hurt sometimes as you miss your friends a lot.

What do enjoy most about your new environment?

Melbourne is a very neat city with a convenient public transport system. For example, I only need to wait about 5 minutes to get a tram to go anywhere in the city. There are people from many different countries around me, so as an International student I feel a sense of belonging and was able to adapt quite quickly with my new environment

What did/do you expect to do after graduating?

After graduating with my Master’s degree, I want to get some work experience here in Australia to make the most of my studies. I will also constantly plan my career and find ways to develop my personality, skillset and employability.

Are you still doing that now?

Of course! Whenever I have the time among my study schedule, I go online and research agricultural companies that interest me. After reading up about them, I then email and call the managers to discuss about my career intentions and employment opportunities at their companies.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Going to the gym, practicing public speaking and watching Korean dramas! I enjoy living a well-balanced life so getting the right amounts of study, workout, romance, and of course good sleep is essential.

Tell us something memorable from your time at Sekolah Ciputra

One of the most memorable things during my time at Sekolah Ciputra is the annual soccer league. My team and I participated in the league every single year during our time at school and the experience was awesome beyond words. I really enjoyed the thrill and anticipation before each game and the intense atmosphere of every match. All soccer lovers make sure you sign yourselves up for this!

What advice would you give to a graduating student?

Enjoy your lives! And I mean seriously. Enjoy every moment of working late-nights for your assignments, every weekly assembly in the glorious arts hall, every single classes (of course!) and every love story you have. Work hard but don’t overthink. Always do the best you can but openly accept failures as part of learning. Stand up and speak up! Be active and ask questions. Remember, silence is gold ONLY when everything else are diamonds!

Anything else you would like to share?

Thinking of what degree and major you want to do in University after graduating from high school is a challenging task. Plan well ahead. From my experience, it is best to start planning from the end of Year 10. Always discuss with your parents as they are your best guide. Always, always, always follow your your passion! If you like maths than do it. If you like design pursue it. If you like agriculture (like me) then choose it as your career. Remember, we only live once!

I also would like to say hello to all my friends who are still studying at Sekolah Ciputra and to my wonderful teachers.

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