Last Saturday on 23rd October some of our teachers, students and staff went to Gembong, a densely populated area in North Surabaya to distribute donated groceries. This is a part of our action to commemorate World Food Day and 40th Anniversary of Ciputra Group. There were 235 packages that contained rice, sugar, oil, sweet soy sauce, noodles and sardines. We would like to thank you to all the school communities for your kindness and supporting the event.   

“I was honored to be part of such a caring initiative. I feel so proud of our Ciputra community that looks for opportunities to share our good fortune with others. It was a humbling experience to connect with others in Surabaya, I am thankful to help however I can.”
Ms. Adrianna Astle

HS Teacher Librarian

IT Advocate

HR12-6 Teacher


“The donation event of World Food Day really showcased the bilateral relationship between our school and our local community. It was a great opportunity to give back and it really helped amplify the idea of togetherness and cooperative teamwork.”

Jefferson Tanto

OSIS Captain 


“Service to others is an important aspect of character development and it’s crucial that we provide our children opportunities to give to others.  In giving our time and energy to ensure the well being and happiness  of other people in our community, we are able to experience empathy and witness life from others’ perspectives.  Whether it is delivering food, helping farmers to harvest crops, planting trees, cleaning rivers or helping others reach the support they need …. It is all about stretching out a hand in service.  I’m so happy that as restrictions are lifted, there are more opportunities for me to play my part in making the world a better place and to encourage others to come along with me.”

Christine Stayte

PYP Coordinating Principal 

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