UC Lecture on Entrepreneurship Essentials

Grade 11 students are currently studying ‘Entrepreneurship’ in design class; from how a start-up turned into a billion-dollar company to how taking calculated financial risks with the hope of a profit in return are important in building a successful business in this fast-paced and digital world. Questions like “who exactly is an entrepreneur?” and “how to be a successful entrepreneur?” has probably been some of the most commonly asked questions in our society nowadays.

To build a successful business, it requires one’s creativity and persistence. At first, I did not have much prior knowledge on this specific subject. Therefore, I was so grateful that the school has prepared us with a Zoom lecture in collaboration with Universitas Ciputra. It was such a great opportunity for us students to be lectured by the two experts specialized in International Business Management (IBM): Dr. Matthew Blaylock and Dr. Nicolaas Oroh. Dr. Matthew’s presentation was engaging, insightful and informative. Personally, I gained lots of insights and discovered new concepts which I’m totally grateful for! My favorite part of the presentation was when he taught us the difference between a ‘growth mindset’ and a ‘fixed mindset’. Both of these mindsets do lead to different outcomes. I learned the importance of fixing my mindset in order to succeed in the future as a life-long learner. He also mentioned that “it’s not that people are born entrepreneurs, it’s that they just happen to think in a different way”. Which means, everyone can learn to think like the great entrepreneurs out there. This statement of his was inspiring and eye-opening. It made me reflect on myself whether or not I have been having the correct mindset. Last but not least, he also taught us about the 5 principles of effectuation in entrepreneurship. These principles are indeed important in the business world because it helps great entrepreneurs to follow the step-by-step process in building their successful businesses and I find these principles to be useful when it comes to decision making.

Overall, I really enjoyed Universitas Ciputra’s lecture on entrepreneurship essentials. I am certain that the UC lecture held was able to support students in Sekolah Ciputra to develop a good entrepreneurial skill which will be useful in the long run. I really do hope that the school will provide us students with many more great opportunities like this in the future.

I’d like to thank Dr. Matthew Blaylock and Dr. Nicolaas Oroh for spending their time and knowledge for us all, we really appreciate it. Thank you.

Benedecta Nadya Evangelie – Grade 11

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