The Inaugural Sekolah Ciputra Blitz Chess Tournament

The inaugural Sekolah Ciputra Blitz Chess Tournament was held on Saturday, 3rd March.

This event was organized by our High School teachers, Mr. Tony and Mr. Arthur, who also run a weekly chess club every Wednesday for High School students. The students were great competitors and had a lot of fun.

The winners were:

Junior Division (Years 7-9)
1st Place: Nathan Lee (Year 7)
2nd Place: Davin Edmundlie (Year 9)
3rd Place: Ethan Nathanel Nurtjahja (Year 9)

Senior Division (Years 10-12)
1st Place: Jason Perwata (Year 12)
2nd Place: Luis Castillo (Year 12)
3rd Place: Steven Young Kurniawan (Year 11)

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