“This year’s school production was absolutely a magical ride, overall!” said Regina Felicia Hadiputri, one of the Aladdin cast. Indeed, May 28, 2022 was a one-of-a-kind night, where almost all of us were brought into a whole new world! Yes, it was the day when Aladdin and Jasmine were brought by the school production team to Sekolah Ciputra. The performance was a big success judging by the audience’s compliments.

Behind the two-hour performance, there were months of preparation done by students and teachers. The production preparation started in semester one, where the production committee began online discussions and preparation for the play. There were more than 150 students – from grade two up to grade 11-, teachers and staff working together. All were actively involved with: the cast, supervisors, stage and property crews, musicians, vocalists, makeup and costume crews, dancers, food and refreshments team, front-house crews, risk-management and publication team, all ensuring the show could run smoothly. Most of the preparations were done online, and with just one month before the play, when school had finally opened, the real preparation was conducted face-to-face. It was challenging to ensure that preparations were done perfectly, while also ensuring that health and safety protocols were applied. Exemplary collaboration and discipline from the whole team were two reasons all preparations were fruitful.

Cleo Allegra, the head of Properties and Stage Management, shared her feelings after the show. She said she felt a range of emotions throughout the show: happiness, pride and nerves. More than the show itself, all of the preparation undertaken has taught her to become better at organising her time for school work, the school production, and her responsibilities as a student and a member of OSIS. This was also reflected by Joy Janny, one of the musicians of the play. Although it was exhausting to juggle school work and practice schedules, she admitted that whenever she came to the music room or Ciputra Hall to practice, she was always filled with joy and enthusiasm. The rehearsals have been what keep her going throughout the day as she shares jokes and laughs together with peers. The process has taught her many things, such as: to be more patient, to take the initiative in collaborating with others, and to develop a caring profile as an IB student. Although the process itself is undoubtedly tiring, the experience outweighs everything else.

Echoing what was said before, Tymmy Wuisan, playing as Jafar, and Regina Felicia Hadiputri, the magic carpet character, also shared a mix of the best emotions. Tymmy also noted how kind and welcoming everyone was, making the production like a home for him, a very safe space to express his thoughts and feelings. The beginning was quite hard for Tymmy to rehearse and immerse himself into his character, but he got full support from the other casts and Ms. Niken, the producer.  The warmth of everyone he experienced has surely been a great memory along with the show itself. 

The production was also the first experience for some of the cast and musicians, such as Ilona Asya, one of the main vocalists, and even Christian Soetijono who played Aladdin. Both Asya and Christian shared their worries and nerves before the show started. However, as soon as the music started, those worries went away. The show has brought many positive impacts to both of them, as Asya she felt her overall confidence has improved as she got to collaborate with many talented people, and Christian felt that his communication skills improved as the production allowed him to initiate conversations with many new people. As a bonus, he felt that his acting skills have progressed a lot under the guidance of the director and all the rehearsal schedules he attended.

Finally, Matthew Go, who acted as the cheerful Abu, noted one important thing he learned from the production, which is about being a risk-taker. Being in a comfort zone all the time won’t make anyone any better. Therefore, taking parts in this school production has been one of the best risks he ever taken.

This production was not only a two-hour show, but it was a journey of commitment, teamwork, perseverance and victory. All that creates the best memory for those involved. No one is the same anymore after the production, be it the production team or the audience. Just like the song, the production was like “a whole new world, with new horizons to pursue”. See you at next year’s school production and be a part of us!

CAS, News, Certificate Team


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