Ciputra Cup

Greetings Eagles!

After 2 thrilling and exciting weeks of soccer and basketball games, the Ciputra Cup has come to an end. We had overflowing enthusiasm from numerous schools across Surabaya, with over 17 teams participating in this event. The Ciputra Cup was divided into several categories: SMP Putra Soccer, SMA Putra Soccer, SMA Putri Soccer, SMP Putra Basketball, SMA Putra Basketball, SMP Putri Basketball, and SMA Putri Basketball. 

First and foremost, we would like to thank every player from each team for their hard work and commitment throughout the 2 weeks of the Ciputra Cup. Playing under the heat, or under the pressure, they deserve our applause for their perseverance, bravery and great sportsmanship. It’s been a tough, tiring game for everyone, but it has its own exciting aspect. Winning or losing doesn’t matter, it’s the experience and effort that counts! 🙂

(SMP PI Ciputra vs. SMP PI NSA)       

(SMP PA Ciputra vs. SMP PA 3 Waru)  

(SMA PA Ciputra vs. SMA PA Gloria 2)  

(SMA PI Ciputra vs. SMA PI MDC)

They all played very well, but 3 are announced as top rankers for each category. We would like to congratulate all the teams that received awards. In addition to team winners, we also recognized MVPs (Most Valuable Players) of 1st place winners in both soccer and basketball games. 

The game wasn’t the only thing we focused on; we had our eyes on the players’ shoes too! Ciputra Cup recognized some of the most unique pairs of shoes worn during the game through Shoes Of The Week!

We also had a huge number of supporters from the participating schools. We would like to congratulate Cita Hati West for winning the best supporter award. To all the families and friends who have come from afar in the midst of their busy lives, we would like to extend our gratitude for making this event memorable for the players. 

(People supporting the players)

Behind a successful event, there stand hard-working event organizers. We would like to sincerely thank the OSIS team for committing to their time and successfully running this event. We also won’t forget to thank all the Sekolah Ciputra teachers and staff involved in the organization and duty for the Ciputra Cup.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the player’s lineup or on the sidelines supporting the teams for next year’s Ciputra Cup!

This article was written by the OSIS Public Relations team (Aishwarya Tania Zahara Pandey 9.1, Viviana Kim Partowidjojo 10.5), edited by the OSIS Public Relations team (Helen Wibisono 10.2, Kenneth Chandrawidjaja 11.5, Denna Lukmanto 11.2), & supervised by (Graceline Geraldine Supramono, Tricia Elaine Budhi, Sulton Ma’arif,). Pictures by Yurri Alvin Budi Kusuma and Venita Yoshe.

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