PYP 4 Outing

Under the trans-disciplinary theme a�?where we are in place and timea�?,A�PYPA�4A�students are learning aboutA�Exploration and Migration. Our central idea is a�?Explorations lead to discoveries, opportunities and develop new understandingsa�?.

To support the student inquiry,A�PYPA�4A�students recentlyA�went on anA�outing to visit old buildings and museums around Surabaya. We went to Balai Pemuda, Balai Kota, Museum Surabaya, Museum 10 November and Museum Bank Indonesia.

The Surabaya city tour and visiting museum trip, allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of exploration and migration by discovering and visiting places that they have never been before. This activity gives students real life experience of how exploration impacts on the community and builds theirA�A�understanding aboutA�A�new places. Once they discover new places, then they can make connections. For example, comparing Surabaya now and Surabaya in the past, from different perspectives such as culture, economic and architecture.

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