John Locke Essay Competition

In July 2021, I submitted my essay response to the question “Is Christianity a Religion of Peace?” from the John Locke Institute’s Essay Competition. In it, I attempted to explain how and why Christianity has always been a religion of peace ever since its emergence. My essay was shortlisted, and I received an invitation from the John Locke Institute to visit Oxford University and attend their Philosophy, Psychology and Theology Conference on 10-12 September. This is the event where they will announce the winners, and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!

The conference includes lectures and seminars as well as a Gala Dinner on 11th September where essay prize winners will be announced. The lectures cover areas including What Makes a Compelling Oxford Essay?, Problem Solving with The Toolkit of the Social Scientist and How Philosophy and Psychology Make us Better Thinkers. The conference will be held over the course of three days at the University of Oxford’s Balliol and Magdalen Colleges. Balliol College is the oldest college in Oxford and the English-speaking world dating back to 1263, and Magdalen College one of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges – with C. S. Lewis and A. J. P. Taylor being two of its most renowned graduates.

It is very unfortunate that I won’t be attending the conference due to travel restrictions. Nevertheless, I am still amazed and grateful that I have a chance to win!

Nasya Lilananda – Grade 11 DP



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