My Journey through the PYPX 2020-2021

Many things have been different since the pandemic started. This includes our PYP 6 Exhibition, that was done virtually right from the start up to the final celebration. This year, the topics for PYPX are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that represent the universal call for actions to make the world a better place. For my PYPX, I chose the topic “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. The main reason for choosing this goal is to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone in order to improve my knowledge and skills with a topic that I am not familiar with. 

I believe that my partner and I were able to communicate and work well together as a group. Despite the challenges we faced from doing the whole process online, we were committed to do our very best. We actively shared and listened to each other’s ideas and opinions during our online meetings. We were also able to share jobs fairly as well as being responsible and reliable group members. One of the many challenges we encountered was during our research process. Almost all of the resources related to our topic were written in Bahasa Indonesia. This was a huge challenge for us because we were so used to reading and writing in English. Thanks to the guidance from our mentor and teacher in charge, we were able to understand and analyze the resources well.

During the process of PYPX, I applied my ATL skills and Learner Profiles through comprehensive research on related resources, brainstorming and analyzing resources to meet learning evidence, managing time wisely in terms of meetings and staying on task, and communicating ideas and thoughts during group discussions. For our actions, my group created an informational video to educate the younger generation to value honesty and integrity. We also held a seminar to educate PYP 4 students about the importance of understanding the roots of bribery and corruption. We expect that our actions will help to create honest generations and reduce the cases of bribery and corruption in the future.

My PYP 6 Exhibition was challenging, but a very valuable learning experience. I learned a lot about the cases of bribery and corruption in Indonesia as well as the challenges in enforcing the laws. I became aware of the potential roots of problems leading to bribery and corruption. I am proud to say that PYPX has given me the chance to contribute a small part in making the world a better place. 

Austin Ace Chen 6C

My exhibition has been a blast. I got a lot of experiences and knowledge during my journey. All of which is from the mistakes my partner and I made. We learn from our mistakes and find solutions for the better. I love my topic. My topic was about renewable energy. I chose this topic because I had one big question I always wondered. Is renewable energy really effective? Luckily I found the answer to that. At first it was complicated with my partner and I. We didn’t communicate much at the start and she didn’t know what to do some of the time. We overcame this problem by communicating more in hangouts. When she didn’t know what to do I told her nicely. I also helped her from time to time with her tasks. Over time she paid more attention to our topic and tried her best.

I demonstrated Profiles and ATLs consistently during the PYPX process and celebration. Without ATLs we could not have finished our exhibition project on time and conflict would have occured in our group. I was a thinker when understanding all resources I had without a problem. Without being an inquirer our exhibition would not have even started. We must be reflective to overcome our challenges as well. We were caring when we took action to share information to save energy to our community. I shared how to use renewable energy and tips to save energy. I think renewable energy is still expensive and people who cannot afford it can find it hard to save energy in their daily life. I only recommend people who can afford it because it’s clean and sustainable. My action to use solar panels in my house is of course sustainable because the solar panel is small and the manufacturing costs less than other types of solar panels. I believe I can use this solar panel for another 15 years.

The PYP Exhibition has given me an experience I could never have imagined. This exhibition is a blessing for all of us because we don’t just learn but we have fun. I had fun searching online and installing the solar panel. In terms of stress I think I had more fun than stress. I thank all the people who have helped me during this process. 

Thank you. 

Riley Ethan Tedja 6B



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