News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff,

Welcome back to the new term!

The situation we find ourselves in is strange and different. As a community it is important that we seize the opportunities presented to us to become better learners and better people. As mentioned in the video this morning a lot of work has gone into the preparation for online learning. We actively teach the skills of becoming more independent learners and the online platform helps put these skills into practice. It may not be perfect initially but it certainly provides the opportunity for everyone to learn and grow.

The purpose of the school closure is to minimise the spread of the virus so that the emergency services do not get overwhelmed by the number of cases occurring at the same time. Please encourage social distancing and stay clear of malls and other crowded situations. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to our families but also to the wider community not to place others at risk. It is also important that we act with integrity in our relationships. Now, more than ever being kind, honest and empathetic is required as there are large numbers of people under a lot of pressure. Let’s support each other.

Finally, the IBO has announced publically that the Grade 12 IBDP examinations for this year have been cancelled but that grades are going to be awarded. They will share how they will do this with the school on the 27th March. Given this level of uncertainty it is important that revision programmes continue until we get firm details. When we know exactly what mechanism is being used we will modify our programme accordingly and communicate with you.

Have a safe and happy week.

Martin Blackburn

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