PYP 5 Summative Celebration

On Wednesday, September 15th 2017, we celebrated our learning journey under a�?How We Express Ourselvesa�? transdisciplinary theme. We worked collaboratively with parents as primary resource, single subject teachers and homeroom teachers to support our learning. Within six weeks, the students explored many different rituals and traditions around the world. Students gained a lot of diverse experiences – listening, speaking viewing, inquiring, reading and researching. During library lessons as well as language lessons they listened to their teachers read legends and myths from different cultures then related them to the key concepts of this unit – form, causation and perspective. To show their understanding of the central idea the students chose a ritual/tradition and prepared a presentation to explain the features, main beliefs, values and purpose of this ritual/tradition. As their final project they did a collaborative performance under a�?Mid Autumn Festivala�? theme, where they explored the topic and created the movements of the dances as well as all props for the celebration.

Please take the opportunity to look at the photos in the gallery, there are Ribbon Dance for opening celebration, followed by Fan Dance, students plan, drew sketches and use recycle things to produce Arts, students chose a ritual or tradition and shared features, beliefs, values and purposes of this ritual during presentation time.

Miss Wijati

Leader of PYP 5 Team

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