News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Thank you everyone who contributed to the first week being such a successful one. We were determined to build upon our positive progress with an excellent start and were pleased to see that this was how it turned out. The themes we focussed on for the week were, beginning the year with the end in mind, and every day is an open day. I feel that we have a really good understanding of what we want to achieve and also that we understand that as part of the Sekolah Ciputra family, the bar is set very high for us. We need to make sure that our actions reflect who we are and what we stand for. We want the working environment to reflect our vision and we want to model the high standards that our vision describes.

On a lighter note, it was wonderful to watch the senior boys Basketball team and the DBL Cheerleaders on Saturday and Mr Bret went along to support the girlsa�� game on Sunday. Our teams competed with passion and enthusiasm and in the true spirit of the game. Basketball is a great spectator sport and I would encourage our students, staff and parents to get along to future games to give plenty of support.

Martin Blackburn

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