News From The Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

There is a wonderful article on our website by Shalimar Engeler from Grade 11 Humanities regarding their project that donated hand sanitiser and milk to Panti Rapih Jogjakarta. These students are in a very real way demonstrating their understanding of our school vision. Their capacity, in what is a very difficult time, to support those who may be in an even worse position, is uplifting. Their actions have impacted positively on many lives and may in fact save lives. We are all truly proud of their commitment and humanity.

This week, the third of online teaching, may be a short one but is still very important. It is important that we make the most of our learning opportunities while at the same time ensuring that there is balance between screen time, recreation and exercise. As we have said many times before, everyone’s individual circumstances are different and people need to work hard on their independent learning skills. We are very lucky to have such a close and connected school family where our vision shines brightly, illuminating not just the school community but many communities beyond.

We hope you have a blessed Holy week and a very happy Easter.

Stay safe, calm and alert.

Martin Blackburn

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