Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Welcome back from the Easter Break. Traditionally a time to focus upon new beginnings, we hope that this Easter heralds an improvement to our current situation. Irrespective of this, the critical thing is to remember what makes us strong as a community. We need to have a sense of purpose as defined by our vision, a sense of empathy and optimism while at the same time a sense of acceptance that some of the issues currently facing us are beyond our capability to do anything other than accept them.

I had the opportunity of watching a Ted talk on the subject of resilience over the weekend, “The three secrets of resilient people.” The presenter identified that resilient people understand that tough times are part of the human existence and therefore we should not feel that we are being unfairly picked on when tough times happen. Resilient people also carefully choose what they react to, choosing what they can do something about and accepting those that are out of their control. Finally, resilient people can differentiate between whether their actions are helping or harming them and making choices accordingly. It is important in these difficult times that we remain positive, calm and alert.

Stay safe and have a great week.

Martin Blackburn


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