Grade 11 students recently had a two day introduction to the IB Diploma Programme.

The CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) component for our IBDP students is to engage with, contribute and volunteer in global issues.

As part of the introduction, we invited Sahabat Bumi to school to speak with the students about plastic waste and how to reuse and recycle city waste. Sahabat Bumi is a local community initiative that focuses on was waste management and education on how we can make a difference and take care of our environment.

Sahabat Bumi taught us how to make Eco-Bricks. The bricks are made from non-recyclable materials and can be made into furniture or even substitute for a wall. Every student who succeeded in making an Eco-Brick, was given the opportunity to register and receive a certificate through their official website.

Sahabat Bumi’s goal is for students to have a sense of belonging to nature and reducing landfill. Hopefully some of our students would like to continue this project.



CAS coordinator

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