News from the Executive Principal’s desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Congratulations everyone for a fabulous start to the year. It is great to have the students back and wonderful to see the way our programme has grown to be as inclusive as we can be in an online environment. I mentioned during the week that your feedback has been very positive in helping us to monitor and improve our programmes. Let’s keep this communication going. As part of this we can all look forward to grade level meetings over the next few weeks as well as our assemblies.

Last week the theme of this message was to begin the year with the end in mind. It is always a good idea to set big goals at key times of the year. Once it is set though the focus should change. A big goal can seem unachievable and can actually be off putting. In order to achieve big goals you need to take small steps. Breaking a big goal down into small attainable steps is a wonderful way to help achievement. Focus upon these smaller steps and enjoy the feeling as you are able to reach them. Look for help where it is offered and be positive. You make things happen for you, especially when you have the support of teachers and staff.

A final note to let you know that sometimes individual or groups of staff members will be working from home, often at very little notice. We have very strict health protocols within the school and occasionally have to ask certain staff members to self-isolate whilst we await test results. This is part of a wider range of precautions taken by the school taskforce.

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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