News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Being student centred is an important part of our identity as an International Baccalaureate Continuum School. Our pedagogy is inquiry based and puts the student at the centre of the learning experience.  This is known as student agency.  This essentially gives students more ownership of their learning and more engagement.  We have also seen an increased use of student expertise in the physical layout of the school.  This year the front entrance of the HS was redesigned based upon student plans and the design area currently under development was planned by a Grade 10 design class. Students help provide a unique perspective to our programmes. As an additional step this week, we will be welcoming two student representatives to our senior leadership team meeting.  This is part of a conscious decision by the school to give the students more voice in the running of the school.  We see this as a healthy part of our development and an opportunity to gain better insight into the needs of our student body.  The students will attend one meeting per month at this stage. We look forward to their positive contribution in helping shape the school.

Have a great week.

Kind regards

Martin Blackburn


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