News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Welcome back everyone!  Semester two, as ever, promises to be an action packed, exciting and challenging time. Term three in particular will place considerable pressure upon students in terms of the PYP Exhibition, the MYP Personal Project and the IBDP mock examinations. This term is traditionally about ensuring that all the academic hurdles are jumped and that students are best prepared for the challenges ahead.

We write this at a time of continued uncertainty over Covid-19. The school is still working with the relevant ministries regarding simulations and trial re-openings but absolutely nothing is certain. In the face of this we need to demonstrate the many characteristics inherent in our school vision and the IBO learner profile. We need to be patient when dealing with a situation we have little control over whilst at the same time being decisive in those areas where we do have control. We need to be kind to ourselves and understanding of others who are under pressure. We need to maintain a sense of caution, to ensure our own, and the safety of others whilst at the same time being optimistic and positive about the future.

As a school community we have demonstrated great resilience and positivity and we have grown close during this time. There is a real sense that whilst it won’t always be plain sailing there is the beginning of an end in sight.

This is term 3 2021!  So let’s make the most of it, work hard, support each other, participate and have fun in being part of the wonderful Sekolah Ciputra family. 

Have a great week and a great term.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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